Guam family law attorney: Guam divorce: quick and easy divorce for military and expats: recognized by US law.

Guam Family Law Attorney: Guam Divorce: Quick divorce recognized in U.S. courts

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Guam family law office of Seaton M. Woodley. Specializing in Gua divorce.Seaton M. Woodley, III is a U.S. Military veteran and attorney who has represented U.S. Military, Merchant Marine and other U.S. citizens and non-citizens on Guam since 1982. Mr. Woodley offers a wide range of family legal services for residents and non residents. Mr. Woodley understands the unique needs and challenges of military personnel, merchant seamen and expatriates living and working outside of the Continental United States, whether on the U.S. territory of Guam or in a foreign country. The Woodley Law Office is a small practice. Mr. Woodley prides himself on being personally involved in his client's cases.

Should You Consider a Guam Divorce?

While every situation is different, a Guam divorce offers an inexpensive alternative for U.S. Military, Merchant Marine, expats and other couples living or working overseas or in locations, including States on the U.S. mainland where a divorce is difficult, time consuming and expensive. Why consider a Guam divorce?

A Guam divorce is faster. A divorce may be granted in 30 to 45 days if both husband and wife are in agreement with the terms of the divorce and at least one party visits Guam for a minimum of 7 days. The residence requirement for a contested divorce on Guam is 90 days.

A Guam divorce is cheaper. Our total fee for processing an uncontested divorce, including court filing fees, is $1,540. This cost does not include air fare, hotel or local accommodations on Guam, but since most preparations can normally be handled via telephone, fax or e-mail the on-island stay rarely exceeds 7 days (6 nights).

A Guam divorce is in English and is recognized by all U. S. States. Guam is an unincorporated territory of the United States , subject to U.S. law. In accordance with U.S. Code, a Guam divorce shall be recognized in every court within the United States and its territories.

What Is My Next Step?

This site provides information that you may find helpful if you may be considering a Guam divorce. Information on this site is not intended as, and should not be considered as, legal advice. Prior to making a decision to pursue a Guam divorce, you should consult a reputable attorney experienced in Guam law. Questions to consider include:

Is a Guam divorce legal?
What if I do not reside on Guam?
What about community property and custody settlements?
How long will my divorce take?
What if my spouse does not agree to the divorce?

Click HERE for more information regarding a Guam divorce, including relevant U.S. and Guam law or contact the Woodley Law Office to enquire about your particular case. Mr. Woodley will personally evaluate your case and aggressively represent your rights and interests. He will be available for consultation and will tailor a solution that best meets your unique legal needs. You will not deal with assistants or paralegals.

Practice areas and typical rates.

The Woodley Law Office charges a flat fee of $1,540 for an "uncontested" divorce for off-island couples and $900 for residents. Should the situation change, for example your spouse does not concur to the divorce or decides to contest the terms of the divorce, the flat rate will not apply. See below for typical rates for other services:

Practice Areas and Typical Rates
(as of 1 January 2014)
Uncontested Divorce  
        Guam Residents $900
        Non-Residents/Off-Island (*) $1,540
Contested Divorce
        Time plus Court Costs $175 per hour
        Retainer $2,000 TO $4,000
Other Services Contact Us
Initial Consultation No Charge

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